7 Easy Ways to Trademark Indonesia

7 Easy Ways to Trademark Indonesia

You can become more aware of the need for Indonesian trademarks for your business after reading our initial article. What's more, good branding continues to have a strong impact on some people, not just customers. Not just selling products or services, but selling more value as needed by residents.

You may also think that the trademark indonesia is something that is happy, new and alluring. Although actually behind it, rebranding takes over energy, concentration and a long time.

A trademark Indonesia is very important. However, that does not mean that rebranding is difficult to do. So, what is a good rebranding way for that business Read seven easy ways to rebrand your business below.

Method 1. Start with a Research and Brand Audit

Before you start rebranding, do your research and audit the brand in detail. Make sure you understand the brand, customer, market and product or service that you market more deeply than anyone. It is like selling a product to a customer, you as a salesperson must know both the advantages and disadvantages of the products or services that you market compared to your customers.

Method 2. Research Mission, Vision, Values ​​and Markets

You can use the data obtained after conducting research and brand audits to research your mission, business vision and customers. If there really is nothing to do, you can reconsider creating your new mission, vision, values ​​and market share. At this stage, decide on your unique selling proposition (USP) and how to demonstrate it.

Method 3. Build Tactics Holistically

Rebranding isn't just about exchanging symbols. More than that, rebranding means changing the overall appearance including the look and feeling that the brand offers to the public and the world. Make sure these rebranding tactics work with cohesiveness and stability at each brand's touchpoints where a customer or potential customer relates to your brand. Starting from visual components such as symbols, packaging, signage, collateral marketing to marketing channels that you will use such as the web, social media to online or off line activation.

Way 4. Build Cooperation

When doing the rebranding process, don't forget to always include stakeholders to get support and input from them both internally and externally. Inside the company, include all departments including the management, design, technical, and marketing teams as one of the steps to strengthen the company culture. For externals, you can include loyal customers by asking for input via opinion polls about other components of branding, such as symbols or jargon. You can use polls or opinion polls to increase engagement and engagement.

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